We live quality – it is our way of thinking, working and living.

Quality Assurance

All processes in the company are managed and controlled in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Regular checks with internal and external audits are used to demonstrate the functioning of the system as well as to continuously improve the management of business and production processes and the products themselves.

Important activities performed to meet the client's requirements and expectations:

  • We guarantee and comply with the specific requirements of our customers by following their internal quality standards, with the aim of their complete satisfaction.
  • We perform testing of the adhesion and durability of coating and printing paints, in accordance with various standards (SIST EN ISO 2409, DIN 50017, DIN EN 1272, TL226…), which enables us to control the quality of products and ensure their long-term usefulness and the end user’s satisfaction.
  • Sampling of new products is carried out on the basis of the automotive industry’s requirements (with the EMPB, PSW, PPAP documentation).
  • Development projects are carried out in accordance with the APQP procedures – advanced planning of product quality.
  • We use the 8D method to solve inconsistencies and implement corrective measures.
  • We use various statistical tools in our processes: we monitor production processes with statistical control (SPC), establish process capabilities (cp-cpk), analyze errors with the Pareto method. 
  • More advanced measurements of the tools, their components and products are carried out in our own measuring room with a 3D measuring device and qualified personnel, whereby we ensure comprehensive care of the client.


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