Description of our machinery capabilities for each individual technology

The machine park

Our machinery is constantly updated with the aim of a more efficient production process, constant quality raising and the establishment of a more user-friendly working environment.

We have experience with moulding standard thermoplastics as well as engineered thermoplastics, elastomers and composite materials. Basic materials can be painted in the desired shades. We place great emphasis on the development of injection moulding of technically demanding materials (and products) and micro injection moulding.

The machine park consists of injection moulding machines with closing forces from 50 to 600 t. The maximum weight of the injected material is 1.500 g in the case of classical injection moulding, and 70+25 g in the case of two-component moulding.

Information about our technological capacity:

  • 19 injection moulding machines (1K and 2K)
  • Machine closing forces [kN]: from 500 to 6000
  • Maximum weight of injected material [g]: 1500 (1K), 70 + 25 (2K)
  • Two-component injection moulding: Engel 1300/330H/80W
  • Minimum size of injection mould [mm]: 150×150
  • Maximum size of injection mould [mm]: 700×630×700
  • Product removal: automatically ejected, taken off and set down by a robot
  • Insert moulding of plastic foils – IMD
  • Gas-assisted injection moulding
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