Following the legal regulations in the field of waste management and environmental protection


Regarding environmental protection and waste management, we work with care and with responsibility to the future.

The company takes care of reducing the environmental impact of our business processes and of the safety and health of our employees.

In accordance with the commitment of our management and our employees, we carry out the following activities, which demonstrate our responsible behaviour with regard to the environment:

  • Production of sustainable products from recycled materials
  • Meeting environmental policy principles
  • Continuous improvement of energy consumption and energy efficiency
  • Consumption of a smaller amount of paper
  • Recycling of packaging

We are acting responsible towards the environment and humanity with directing our operations to sustainability. Our aims are rational energy use, investing in renewable sources, encouraging employees' education and waste management (reducing waste).

The Faculty of Polymer Technology Slovenj Gradec invited us to participate in the DeremCo De- and Remanufacturing for Circular Economy project. It is about the reuse of composite materials. The project will start in full swing in 2023. At the same time, we carry out numerous tests of products made from recycled materials and from environmentally friendly materials with the addition of bamboo or rice fiber. The picture shows some examples of sprayed products made from environmentally friendly materials.


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