Injection Moulding

The manufacture of highly demanding products made of a wide range of plastic granules, dyes and additives.

Injection moulding of polymer materials

We perform injection moulding of various polymer materials on 19 different injection moulding machines.

Our machinery is constantly updated with the aim of a more efficient production process, constant quality raising and the establishment of a more user-friendly working environment.

Optimisation and upgrades in injection moulding production:

MES system (digital collection of machine, cycle and ejection data)

Central units for the execution of measurements with direct data entry into the SPC card system.

5S, LEAN, manufacturing

We use a wide range of plastic granules, such as:

  • Standard thermoplastics (PP, PE, SAN, PS)
  • Engineering thermoplastics (ABS, ASA, PMMA, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PC/ABS)
  • Elastomers (TPE, SBR)
  • Composite material (PA, PBT – reinforced with glass, carbon, aramid or polyethylene fibres)

Technological capacity

19 injection moulding machines (1K and 2K)

Machine closing forces [kN]: from 500 to 6000

Maximum weight of injected material [g]: 1500 (1K), 70 + 25 (2K)

Two-component injection moulding: Engel 1300/330H/80W

Minimum size of injection mould [mm]: 150×150

Maximum size of injection mould [mm]: 700×630×700 

Product removal: automatically ejected, taken off and set down by a robot

Insert moulding of plastic foils – IMD

Gas-assisted injection moulding


We combine different technologies - under one roof.

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